Social Media Policy

Purpose & Scope of Policy

Maryville University (University) acknowledges that social media may be used to further the University’s mission by providing channels of interaction and engagement between the University and students, parents, faculty, employees, alumni, fans, media, the surrounding community, potential students and donors, etc. The University supports this kind of participation in social media and is committed to academic freedom in these channels.

Social media is defined as media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. Social media includes, but is not limited to:

The purpose of this policy is to encourage the use of social media by institutional users while making sure usage is in line with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and to provide protection to the University’s reputation and other members of its community. While this policy primarily focuses on social media accounts that are University-owned and University-controlled, it will also provide general guidelines regarding personal use.

Nothing herein is designed to be so far reaching that it might foreclose any legal rights of an employee or student, including an employee’s right to discuss conditions of employment.

Employee Use of the University’s Social Media Accounts

This section outlines Maryville University’s rules of engagement and expectations when using University-owned and controlled social media on behalf of the University within the scope of your employment. This section does not apply to an employee’s use of their personal social media accounts.

Personal Use of Social Media

This section applies to an employee or student’s personal use of social media. Further, it outlines the potential impact of personal social media use to your employment or student relationship with Maryville University.

Non-Compliance/Breach of Policy

Violations of this policy will result in a review of the incident and may include action under appropriate University discipline processes. Corrective action may involve a verbal or written warning, suspension or dismissal and/or termination of employment or privileges with Maryville University. This section does not preclude disciplinary action for conduct that involves social media and that also violates other University policies.