Registrar’s Policies for Undergraduate Students

I. Course Scheduling/Registration

Undergraduate students may complete early scheduling prior to the beginning of each term. All Day and Evening students should consult with their advisers in the major programs to select courses. Undeclared students must consult with the Advising/Learning Center.

A “Course Request Form” must be signed by the adviser and submitted in person or returned by mail to the Registrar’s Office or the Advising/Learning Center for final course registration. (Subsequent changes must be submitted on a “Course Change Request” form, signed by the adviser.)

All Weekend College students should consult with their appropriate advisers to select courses. Actual course registration may take place in the Weekend College offices. Students may also phone or mail in their course selection.

A fee of $25 is assessed after the last day of registration and for re-registration. Registered Day and Evening students may add or drop courses without additional charge during the first week of the term. Day and Evening students may not enter a course after the first week of classes. Weekend College students may not enter a course after it has met for the first time. Any courses taken at another institution must be approved in advance by the student’s adviser and the appropriate academic official and the “Approval for Transfer Courses” form must be completed. This applies to classes taken both during the academic year and to those taken during summer term.

II. Petitioning Change of Major

To change their academic major, undergraduate students should consult their adviser and obtain a Change of Major form in the Registrar’s Office or in any of the Weekend College offices. It should be completed and submitted to the new major program chair.

Undergraduate students who wish to transfer into another major should submit an internal transfer application to the appropriate program director.

III. Academic Honors – Dean’s List

Degree seeking undergraduate students become eligible for the Dean’s List when they carry at least 12 semester hours having a minimum of a B+ average with no single grade below B.