Maryville University: Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Policy

Maryville University (the “University”) is committed to providing equal educational access for all of its students by ensuring that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations that support effective participation in all aspects of the educational experience.

The University strives to remove barriers for individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008.

Personal Care Assistants (“PCAs”) may be required to address the personal needs of the student thus allowing them to participate in University activities. PCA is defined as a person who provides personal care/assistance (chronic or temporary) to a student with a disability or other health care needs with activities of daily living including nursing services or assistance with normal life functions. PCA services may facilitate higher levels of independent access and participation in University programs, services, and activities. The services of a PCA can have an important role in an individual’s quality of life. The well thought out selection of the right Agency/individual and ongoing effective communication with the PCA is critical for a successful experience. Students who require PCA services must make arrangements to provide for their own PCA and must follow the policies, procedures, and guidelines as listed in this policy.

Contact information for Disability Support and Success:
Allison Fuller, Director of Disability Support and Success
Phone: 314-529-9374
Fax: 314-529-9174

Grace Carlson, Coordinator of Disability Support and Success
Fax: 314-529-9174

It is not the responsibility of the University to provide services to meet the personal needs of the student, which may include, but is not limited to, transfer from a vehicle to a wheelchair, transportation to or from University facilities, administering medication, addressing toilet, bathing, feeding or dressing needs, and errands.

I. Responsibility of the Student

It is the student’s responsibility to hire their own PCA and to secure funding for these services. It is the student’s responsibility to have the PCA registered with the Disability Support and Success office and in place prior to any University-related activities. A student’s failure to do so could result in removal from campus until a PCA is secured. The University cannot be responsible for providing PCA services on an interim basis until the student secures a PCA. The office of Disability Support and Success does not participate in the PCA interviewing or hiring process.

The student shall contact the office of Disability Support and Success prior to attending the University to discuss reasonable accommodations, including the role of the PCA on campus. A meeting should occur with the office of Disability Support and Success during each semester that the student is enrolled, and it is the responsibility of the student to schedule the meeting(s).

If a PCA is required, the student shall secure a PCA and Relief PCA(s) prior to attending the University and to have a plan for when the primary PCA(s) is not available. Students must ensure that PCA(s) meets with the office of Disability Support and Success and signs an Agreement/Expectations form for Personal Care Assistants prior to providing service on campus.

The student shall arrange for someone to provide transportation from one class to another, if necessary. If exceptions to current policies and procedures are needed for transportation and/or parking, these exceptions must be discussed and approved in advance with the office of Disability Support and Success, as well as the appropriate persons of the Maryville University Public Safety Department.

The student shall abide by this policy and ensure, to the best of their ability that the PCA will also do so. The student shall ensure that the PCA responsibly uses any access to University facilities, equipment, resources, and network activities.

Please note that the University strongly recommends that in order for a student who needs a PCA to have a college experience that is closest to the Mission of the University, the student’s PCA should not be a family member, a friend, another student, or of the opposite sex.

II. Responsibility of the PCA

The PCA shall undergo a background check via the Human Resources office, at the expense of the student or the PCA. The PCA shall also undergo Title IX training via the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

The PCA shall assist in the completion of homework, if applicable. However, no PCA may provide intellectual content assistance or tutoring. The student who accepts the intellectual assistance of a PCA may be considered in violation of the University Academic Integrity Policy.

The PCA shall refrain from participating in or disrupting classes. Generally, unless the student has a documented need for the PCA to be in the classroom with the student, the PCA should remain outside of the classroom. The specific determinations in this area are made on an individualized and class-by-class basis in consultation with the office of Disability Support and Success and, when appropriate, with the faculty member.

PCA(s) are required to follow all University rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. PCA(s) found in violation of any of these rules, regulations, and/or procedures, including this policy will be asked to leave campus immediately, regardless of the contractual arrangement they have with the student.

III. Use of PCA(s) in University Residences

To live in University housing, students with a disability who require the service of a PCA to assist with activities of daily living must secure these services FOUR (4) WEEKS prior to taking occupancy of an assigned living unit. Students shall follow these guidelines to arrange PCA services in University housing.

IV. Appeal Procedures

Policy Revised July 2020