Grievance Procedure

Maryville University recognizes the right of employees to express their grievances and to seek a solution concerning disagreements arising from working relationships, working conditions, employment practices, differences in interpretation of personnel policy, and grievances alleging discrimination. A grievance procedure for employees is provided and an employee can enter a complaint and have it heard without fear of prejudice or reprisal for initiating the grievance or participating in its settlement. If it is denied on one level, the employee can appeal it to a higher authority. It is important that a solution be reached as quickly and as fairly as possible.

Step I: The employee shall take his/her grievance within 10 working days of knowledge of grievance to his/her immediate supervisor. The employee and the supervisor shall attempt to adjust the problem. An informal atmosphere should prevail.
The majority of grievance settlements should take place at this level. If necessary, the supervisor shall be allowed up to five working days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded) for an answer or decision.

Step II:  If the decision is unsatisfactory, or if no decision is reached within the time allowed for in Step I, the employee shall be entitled to present, within 10 working days, in writing, the nature of the grievance to the Director of Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources (or in the absence of a designated official) shall be allowed up to 10 working days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excluded) for investigating facts and reaching a decision. Documentation of the decision shall be included in the permanent personnel file. The statement of grievance shall include:

Step III:  If the decision is unsatisfactory to the employee or if no decision is reached within the time allowed for in Step II, the employee may request a formal hearing within ten working days to the Administrative Staff Hearing Committee for a review of the case. The Hearing Committee shall require all previous written statements be forwarded and a written statement as to the present status of the grievance.
The employee’s right for advice and advisor will be safeguarded and guidelines by the chairperson of the committee will be given to employees to present their grievance to the Hearing Committee. The Director of Human Resources will serve as advisor to the Committee.
The Administrative Staff Hearing Committee shall be established as follows:

Step IV: If the grievance has not been resolved within 10 working days, the President has three weeks after receipt of the findings of the Hearing Committee to resolve the matter.

Step V: If the grievant wishes to appeal the decision of the President, he/she may do so, within 10 working days, through the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. The decision of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees will be final. The grievance process must be resolved within three months of the date first filed.