Grievance Appeal Process (Other than Student Code of Conduct and/or Academic)

The University is committed to providing an environment where the rights of all persons are protected and where concerns regarding those rights are promptly dealt with and resolved in an appropriate manner.

For general grievances not concerning Student Code or Academic Concerns, any student may file a grievance in writing with the Office of Student Life. The Office of Student Life will act as a resource center for students unless otherwise involved in the case, at which time another resource will be provided.

Every effort should be made to resolve grievances informally, i.e., by mutual agreement of all parties involved. Before filing a grievance, students are encouraged to attempt to resolve their grievance with the involved parties and/or within the administrative structure of the involved organization through consultation and/or mediation.

If a suitable solution cannot be reached through reasonable attempts by the student through ordinary means and a grievance is filed, the Office of Student Life will make a good faith effort to assist the student further in resolving the grievance informally and confidentially.

If informal resolution of the grievance is not possible and no other suitable agency exists for resolution of the grievance, the Dean of Student Life will determine whether it is appropriate to convene an Ad Hoc Grievance Committee. The committee will consist of at least five (5) members and be selected by the Dean of Student Life from appropriate students, faculty, and staff of the University.

The Ad Hoc Grievance Committee will employ the University’s General Conduct Board Hearing Procedures guidelines. Decisions of the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Life with recommendations for further action. The decision of Dean of Student Life is final.