Prohibition of Possession of Firearms and Carrying of Concealed Weapons

It is the policy of Maryville University of Saint Louis to prohibit the possession of firearms and the carrying of concealed weapons on University property, including the Sunset Hills Center and Lake St. Louis Center.

This policy also applies to students and employees of the University during their attendance at off-campus, University-sponsored activities. All individuals, whether licensed or not, are prohibited from possessing firearms or carrying concealed weapons on University property at any time unless they are licensed law enforcement officers who are required to carry a firearm.


Application of Policy

Where appropriate the University may refer the matter to law enforcement authorities for investigation and prosecution.

The University always endeavors to respect the privacy of its students and employees. The safety and physical well-being of the members of the University community, however, must always be our priority. Accordingly, in connection with the enforcement of this policy:

Exceptions to Policy
The President may grant written exceptions to this policy for good reason if the President is satisfied that the safety of the University community will not be compromised. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to, legitimate academic activities involving the display of weapons; carrying of weapons by persons employed to insure the security of persons on University property; or professional fireworks displays involving explosive devices.

Other Threatening Behavior
Nothing in this policy shall be construed to prohibit the University from ordering a student or employee to desist from engaging in any behavior that could reasonably be expected to cause other persons to be concerned about their personal safety or the safety of other persons or property, whether or not such behavior is described in this policy, or to prevent the University from initiating appropriate disciplinary action against an employee or student engaging in such behavior.