Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policy

I. Introduction

The fundamental purpose of Maryville University of Saint Louis is to maintain an environment that supports and encourages the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. That environment is damaged by illegal drug use and alcohol abuse. Therefore, all members of the academic community, students, faculty members, administrators and other university employees, share the responsibility for protecting the environment by exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct.

II. Illegal Drug Policy

Students and faculty members, administrators and other employees are responsible as citizens for knowing about and complying with the provisions of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (Sec. 195.214) which indicate that the manufacture, possession, sale, distribution, and use of illicit drugs is prohibited. Maryville University of Saint Louis will not tolerate the use, possession, sale, delivery and/or manufacture of illicit drugs on campus.

III. Alcohol Policy

Maryville community members are expected to observe and obey Missouri State Liquor Control Law (Sec. 311.325 RSMo) stating that any person under the age of 21 cannot purchase, attempt to purchase, possess, or be served any intoxicating beverage.

Maryville University of Saint Louis permits alcohol to be consumed by anyone twenty-one years and older, in the privacy of university living areas or at registered or university sanctioned events when hosted by our liquor license holder or designee. There is no intent to encourage the use of alcoholic beverages or to force its consumption upon those who object to the use of alcohol on moral, ethical or religious grounds. This policy is designed to promote responsible, healthy behavior regarding alcohol use.

University policies concerning the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages do not contravene federal, state or municipal law regarding their purchase, possession or consumption.

Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy

Enforcement and Penalties according to State and County ordinances and our University
Enforcement: In seeking to enforce established university policy and State of Missouri Statues, Maryville University of Saint Louis will:


Health Risks of Alcohol and Controlled Substances Use and Abuse and Use of Illicit drugs

Counseling and Rehabilitation
Maryville University provides alcohol and other drug abuse counseling and/or referral to members of the university community. Persons who voluntarily avail themselves of university services can be assured that applicable professional standards of confidentiality will be observed.

Maryville University, in its continual effort to assess the campus environment, will consult with the following departments to determine the level of use and abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs and make such report known during our biennial report: Student Life, Residential Life Office, Public Safety; Health & Wellness Services; the Counseling Center and Human Resources.

Policy Revised September 2017