National Student Employment Week


Amid the growing demands of staff and faculty at Maryville University, there has been one significant, yet sometimes unseen group of people that each department has come to depend on—its student workers. Maryville University employs over 350 student employees a year. “Their contributions are immeasurable,” says Mariam Simonyan, associate director of Financial Aid. “Their work enables faculty and staff to direct their time and efforts toward better serving students,” she said. “Many campus departments would find it difficult to maintain the same level of efficiency if it weren’t for their student employees.”

In addition, Simonyan says campus employment is mutually beneficial. “Offering students employment not only improves retention rates but it also gives students an opportunity to supplement their incomes and gain work experience. “Student workers can earn money, network with people in their field of interest, build references, learn more about the inner-workings of the University, and enhance marketable skills,” she said. Also, in many instances, student employment at Maryville often translates into full-time employment after graduation.

In recognition to the dedication and enthusiasm of student employees, Maryville will honor its student workers during National Student Employment Week, April 13-19, 2008. Vicki Coppin, assistant director of financial aid, said their department celebrates student employment week the entire month. “Throughout the month, our office has different theme events such as “Wear Your Sneakers Day” and “Dress like a Student Day,” said Coppin. In addition, Coppin says they will be celebrating their student workers’ birthdays.

Julie Kindred, director of the Academic Success Center, said her office will celebrate by giving student employees a very special gift. “I try to do something everyday to show them that I appreciate what they do,” said Kindred. “Their individual contributions to Maryville are overwhelming and the skills they gain are substantial.” Kindred said her student workers provide 600 to 1000 hours of tutoring every semester and work with over 250 students.

Student tutors do many things to enhance the program, says Kindred. “Our scheduling system was developed by Chad Clover, a Maryville graduate, who continues to maintain the program when necessary,” she said. “It tracks the number of service hours provided by our tutors and the number of students they serve.” In addition, the program also monitors the number of tutors available, their availability, subjects taught, and their appointments.

“Our student workers get leadership experience,” said Kindred. “They’re planning events, coordinating training sessions, and designing program outreach flyers and posters. The tutor program truly is for the students and operated by the students.” Senior Ami Wilson, who has been involved with many initiatives of the academic center, was responsible for creating a brochure for the Writing Center, said Kindred. “Graduating seniors Tyler Tate and Arwin Krvavac, who have both given four years of service, were behind extending tutoring sessions to accommodate weekend and evening students.” Seniors Janessa Toro and Michelle Irvin were also acknowledged for their many contributions to the Center. “I truly have one of the best jobs on campus and it’s because of my student employees,” said Kindred.