Maryville, Missouri Baptist Collaborate on Nursing Degree Program


In a remarkable academic collaboration, more than 35 registered nurses plan to earn their BSN degree from Maryville University in classes held at their place of work, Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

The RN-BSN onsite program is a new joint project between Maryville University and Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Books, supplies and faculty are transported to the medical center to accommodate the work schedules of the nursing staff. Enrolled nurses form a learning cohort and complete classes together throughout the two-year program. The first nursing cohort launched this month, with classes held one night a week.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Maryville University to bring this BSN program to Missouri Baptist Medical Center,” said Tim Mislan, BSN, MS, CNAA BC, vice president of Patient Care Services/CNE. “Our enrolled staff  RNs really like the convenience of being able to attend class at work, and the fact that their classmates are co-workers.  We look forward to many more opportunities like this in the future.”

“Maryville’s RN-BSN Completion Program at Missouri Baptist really underscores the ability of our Weekend & Evening College to meet the academic needs of adult students, while customizing exceptional educational programs to serve the particular needs of organizations and corporations,” said Denise M. Evans, MBA, assistant vice president of Adult and Continuing Education for Maryville.

The relationship between Maryville University and Missouri Baptist Medical Center is beneficial to both institutions, said Elizabeth Buck, PhD, director of Maryville’s nursing program.

“The collaboration means that Maryville posts higher enrollment in our RN-BSN Completion Program, while Missouri Baptist increases its number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses, a key element in professional rankings and standards,” Buck said.

“The richness of professional experience these nurses bring to the classroom is amazing, and really adds to the classroom dynamic,” said Alice Jensen, MSN, coordinator of Maryville’s RN-BSN Completion Program and nursing cohort advisor. “Because many of our faculty members are working professionals themselves, they understand the difference in teaching adult learners and run the classroom in response to those academic needs.”