Letter to students from Dr. Nina Caldwell

March 18, 2020

Dear Students,

As you probably know, St. Louis County Executive, Sam Page, issued an Executive Order yesterday mandating modification of operations for restaurants and bars including closure of dining rooms and limiting food service to carry-out or delivery during the coronavirus pandemic. To comply with this mandate, Maryville’s dining facilities will be modifying operating hours, the types of meals served and will require all meals be ordered and paid for through our mobile app.

We will do everything we can — while still working to reduce potential interaction among people here on campus – to provide meal service to the students who will be relying on our dining services on campus in the coming weeks. Please carefully read the following adjustments we are making to services:

Beginning Friday, March 20th

  • Dining hall hours will be from 10 am to 2 pm seven days a week.
  • All food must be ordered and purchased through Transact, the dining hall mobile app. A limited menu will be available and accessible through the Transact App. There will be no registers open for payment.
  • Kiosk ordering inside the dining hall will not be available.
  • A new shelf will be installed close to the front of the Dining Hall where pre-ordered meals will be picked up. Orders will be marked with your name for quick and easy pick up.
  • All mail and packages will be delivered to the Parcel Locker System. Notifications will be sent to your email with a code to open the locker.  The lockers are accessible 24 hours per day. If you require additional assistance please contact Shawn in the Document and Mail Center at generalservices@maryville.edu.

In addition, beginning Friday, March 20th the Library, Starbucks, Louie’s, M Store, and the Simon Athletic Center, and all campus workout facilities will be closed. We feel this is prudent given the necessity during the pandemic to limit exposure and promote social distancing and is consistent with the latest CDC guidelines of limiting gatherings of fewer than 10 individuals.

Our students who are approved to remain on campus will be moved to the apartments so that there is a little more living space available and full kitchens with a refrigerator and freezer, microwaves, ovens and stoves for food preparation.

We want you to begin thinking about the potential for a city-wide quarantine or shelter-in-place scenario. As has happened already in San Francisco, we believe there is the potential for this to be mandated in St. Louis. Of course, we will communicate with you as soon as we know if that is happening. To help prepare you, however, we want you to know these are some likely changes to campus services if that should occur:

  • Fresh Ideas would prepare three meals a day in pre-packaged containers that can be frozen until needed. We are planning to provide a week’s worth of frozen meals, or more, if possible.
  • Care packages containing non-perishable food items as well as essential items such as paper products, eating utensils, soap, etc. will be provided to residential students.
  • Public Safety will continue to provide safety services on campus during this time for remaining residential students.
  • The Enterprise CarShare program on Maryville’s campus is still available. In addition, Enterprise has, lowered the age to 18 for car rentals if you think you will need transportation in a shelter-in-place scenario. Depending on the specific requirements of a scenario such as this, driving to a grocery store or to the doctor may be permitted.

We understand this is a difficult time for our community and our society. The best way to get through this situation, is to do it together, by communicating and supporting each other. We encourage you to help us reduce population density so that we can slow the spread of COVID-19. As a reminder, maintaining a safe distance from others, regular handwashing, and coughing or sneezing into tissues or your sleeve, are the best ways to reduce transmission.

We are doing everything possible during this challenging time to help you continue you your education and stay healthy.


Dr. Nina Caldwell
Vice President for Student Life

Please go to Maryville.edu/coronavirus to check for frequent updates