Paper Presentation and Audiovisual Guidelines

The guidelines for the presentation are relatively simple:

  • The talk has a maximum time limit of 12 minutes with an additional three-minute discussion period.
  • Students are not allowed to use three-dimensional visual aids but any two-dimensional ones are permissible.
  • An LCD projector and standard overhead projector will be available for use.
  • The student will need to bring their presentation on a CD or memory stick (flash drive).  To ensure it works properly at the time of the presentation it is very important that the student run the PowerPoint on an alternate PC (i.e., plug in the USB sticks/flash drives containing the PowerPoint into another PC) before bringing it to the conference.
  • Use of laptops is discouraged.
  • Any other equipment will have to be furnished by the student or their school.
  • Some papers are extremely long so they will have to be edited to fit a good science paper:  problem statement, hypothesis, experimental design, observations (data and results), conclusions and implications.

Participants and paper titles will appear in the printed program.