Getting Involved

Ways to Participate in the Symposium

The Missouri State Great Science Debate

Here’s your chance to flex your public speaking skills,  maintain your composure and display your quick wit as you fight a civilized battle of words in the Missouri State Great Science Debate. The competition will be in the traditional Parliamentary Style format as established by the Maryville University College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Communication.  Student competitors receive recognition, awards, trophies and cash prizes. For more information, see Debate.

Student Research Papers

The highlight of the symposium is the presentation of research papers. Presenting original research before a team of judges, teachers and peers, challenges students to defend their reasoning and articulate specific findings. Students submitting papers will have their work judged by scientists on the quality and originality of their research. The entire process provides an excellent learning experience.

Students engaged in research often work with teachers, parents, other students or mentors in the community. This is encouraged. Please note:  all work must be an original investigation. If you are selected to present your work, you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the scientific principles and methodology behind your study as you will be expected to answer questions after your presentation.

All research must contain investigations reporting on experimental, field, observational or applied research. General Categories include:

  • Behavioral Science
  • Biology/Microbiology
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry
  • Environmental
  • General Biology
  • Physics/Engineering/Computer Science

For specific information regarding paper submissions please see Submission Guidelines.

Poster Session

Poster sessions are opportunities for authors to visually display and briefly discuss their research. Your audience will be viewers who will pass by and expect to quickly understand what was done and why it matters. Many viewers will stop to discuss the research and results. Authors should be prepared to answer questions and engage in short discussions with their visitors. The clear, attractive poster will draw more people to your table, but creating a good poster takes time. Too much information, too many graphics, and the viewer can become confused. To help you create a focused, visually appealing poster, please follow the poster guidelines.

All students attending the Missouri JSEHS are invited to participate in the Poster Session. If you are selected to present your research paper, you may also present a poster. No one will be excluded who wants to participate in this event.  You must indicate on your registration form that you intend to participate in the session, though.

How to Apply

All teachers and students must apply to attend. All applications are available online and must be completed and submitted through our secure online web site. (See Registration Forms).


The Missouri Junior Science and Engineering for Humanity Symposium is supported through a grant from the United States Army Research Office which includes the U.S. Army, Air Force and Navy.  Local companies sponsor the program through providing field trips or additional funding. If you want to be part of the Missouri JSEHS, please contact at jsehs@maryville.edu