How many people usually attend the program?

  • Around 200-250 students and teachers attend annually.

How long does the program last?

  • The program begins with participant registration on campus at 8:30 am Friday and runs until about 6 pm on Saturday. All participants are expected to attend all sessions and activities of the program.

How many students can I bring?

  • Each school can be funded up to one teacher and five students. Additional students and teachers can attend on a self-paid basis by paying a fee of $145 per individual. There is no limit to the number of additional individuals.

Our school has never attended before and we want to see what the symposium is about. Do we have to pay?

  • First-time schools are welcome to attend as our guests and bring interested juniors and sophomores. Hopefully through their exposure to the symposium, students will be encouraged to work on a research project for next year’s symposium.

Can I bring students who are not submitting a paper?

  • Yes, but if your school is not a first-time participant your students will have to attend on a self-paid basis of $145 per person.

Is a refund possible if I register for the program and later become unable to attend?

  • No refunds will be made for cancellations after January 25, 2013 and a $10 processing fee will be deducted.

Are substitutions possible if a student has to cancel?

  • Yes, however, same gender substitution is preferred. Opposite gender substitutions are allowed if hotel space is available. A student application must be submitted for the student substitute.

How are hotel room assignments made?

  • Students are roomed four to a room with two double beds. Every effort is made to room students from the same school together. Otherwise, students from different schools will be roomed together in order to make the most of the available space. Adults are roomed two to a room with two double beds. If adults prefer a private room they must indicate such on their registration form and submit an additional $85.00 to cover the cost. Please note that we are unable to guarantee private rooms. All rooms are based on hotel availability.

Who is responsible for guidance, discipline and mentoring?

  • Teacher participants are considered part of the JSEHS staff and have responsibility for student participant behavior.

I live in the St. Louis area. Do I stay at the hotel?

  • All participants stay at the hotel unless parents or the school requests otherwise.

What should I wear?

  • Event dress is comfortable and casual but participants typically dress professionally, coat and tie, for the Friday night banquet, and presenters dress more professionally for the paper presentations. Comfortable shoes are recommended for walking during the laboratory tours and field trips. Participants should be aware that some field trips have dress codes and do not allow visitors to wear tennis shoes, open-toed shoes, or shorts. Students and teachers should bring a pair of leather shoes for field trips on Friday in case you are assigned such a field trip. The hotel offers swimming and exercise facilities.

How much spending money should I bring?

  • Meals are included in your registration fee, except for your breakfast Saturday, which is at the hotel.  There is a limited amount of free time where students can visit the campus bookstore and shop for books and souvenirs.

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