Registration Forms

All registrations and submissions must be sent via the secure, online forms you will find on this page. Please see Submission Guidelines for more details. 

Be aware of the separate deadlines/stages to applying:

  1. First, submit a group application by Dec. 20th, 2015. Teachers will submit the group application, but students must communicate with their teacher to ensure all information is correct.  The group application lists: the sponsoring teacher, all associated students, student research paper titles and an abstract for each paper. Group applications will be reviewed and funding selections made regarding which students (up to 5 from each school) will receive funding to attend.
  2. All teachers and students will receive an email announcement regarding which students from their school will receive funding to attend.  Those students not receiving funds are still welcome to attend the symposium (space permitting) but must pay the associated costs.
  3. All students and teachers planning to attend will then submit individual applications which are also available online.
  4. Final research papers in pdf format must be emailed to jsehs@maryville.edu by February 12, 2016. Subject Line should include Last Name and School name.
  5. Hard copy papers will be accepted should you experience technical difficulties. Please send email notification should this situation arise.

Please note, each form includes 3 options under Conditions of Attendance—unless you have been notified otherwise, selecting the “University Funded” option does not guarantee funding. We will fund as many participants as possible.

All self-paid participants should submit their payments online or mail a check payable to “Maryville University” and send their payments to:

Maryville University
Attn: JSEHS coordinator
College of Arts & Sciences
650 Maryville University Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63141

Symposium payment must be received by January 29, 2016.
No refunds will be made for cancellations after February 19, 2016.
Cancellations made before February 19, will incur a $10.00 processing fee.

Registration Forms

Missouri American Water Research Award

Saint Louis Paint and Coatings Society Research Award