Rehabilitation Counseling Concentrations

Concentration courses: Additional coursework can be taken for profession counselors in Marriage & Family Therapy, Substance Abuse, and Music Therapy.

Marriage and Family

  • REHB 610 Family Studies and Issues
  • REHB 615 Couple Therapy and Enrichment
  • REHB 670 Foundations of Family Therapy
  • REHB 675 Advanced Family Theory and Therapy

Substance Abuse

  • REHB 570 Substance Abuse Assessments & Treatment
  • REHB 611 Issues in Substance Abuse

One additional course option is required for concentration in substance abuse

Music Therapy

Select 12 credit hours from:

  • MUTH 575 Music Therapy Assessment
  • MUTH 576 Music Therapy Improvisation/Composition
  • MUTH 620 Music Psychotherapy
  • MUTH 621 Ethical and Legal Issues in Music Therapy
  • MUTH 622 Music Therapy in Rehab and Medicine

Acceptance into Music Therapy and Rehabilitation Counseling is required


  • REHB 650 Working with Children & Adolescents
  • REHB 664 Applied Counseling Theory and Multiculturism