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MOSAIC | Current Study Abroad Programs | Types of Study Abroad Programs

Undergo a life-changing experience. Experience natural and human-made wonders both ancient and more modern. Learn a second or third language. Make friends half a world away. Sharpen your competitive advantage. Prepare to enter a global economy. You have options when you decide to study abroad. Your studies can parallel your major coursework or focus on a cultural exploration of the local environment. You can follow a short-term program from nine days to nine weeks, or you can leave for a long-term experience – a semester or a year at an overseas campus. While you’re traveling, you might:

  • Admire masterpieces from Michelangelo to Mozart in the artistic apexes of the world
  • Survey architectural ruins in Rome or other parts of the world
  • Learn to navigate London, Paris, Florence or other magnificent European cities
  • Explore the international energy in London, the financial capital of the world
  • Climb the Swiss Alps in a respite from your classes overlooking Lake Lugano
  • Navigate the sacred halls of Oxford Unversity, the world’s greatest learning center
  • Tour historical wonders like the Roman Colosseum
  • Walk in the footsteps of those visionaries who transformed the ancient world into a modern global society

Whether you go to a far corner of the globe or take just a short jog, getting to know people from different cultures will enrich your life in incalculable ways. Maryville University is committed to making it as easy as possible for students to participate in a study-abroad experience.

Loans and grants are available for qualified students (see Martha Harbaugh in Gander 134A). For the most successful study-abroad experience, we recommend you start planning as soon as possible.

MOSAIC- Missouri Study Abroad Intercollegiate Consortium

Maryville administers a comprehensive faculty-led short-term study-abroad program on behalf of a group of colleges and universities – Central Methodist University, Columbia College, Fontbonne University, Missouri Valley College and Millersville University. The mission of MOSAIC is to provide a range of summer programs, staffed by faculty from member institutions and open to all collegiate students – from these institutions as well as any other colleges throughout the United States. Faculty members from MOSAIC institutions offer courses in the various programs. Maryville administers the programs as well as the academic transcripts for MOSAIC’s 2017 summer faculty-led programs.

Types of Maryville Study Abroad Programs

There are five basic types of study-abroad programs:

  • Short-term, Maryville faculty-led summer programs of 3-4 weeks with stand-alone course(s) for credit
  • Short-term, 9-day, Maryville faculty-led, spring-break/January/May programs associated with an on-campus course
  • Individualized semester-long and year-long programs for credit
  • Internships and experiential learning programs of 6 weeks to a semester for credit
  • Short-term programs offered by other institutions with participation by Maryville students, but not faculty

Short-term, faculty-led, three to four week stand-alone programs

  • Maryville offers a series of summer three to four week programs at different sites, where 3-10 faculty and 20-50 students participate per site. Students choose 1-3 courses from a list of offerings by our faculty and, in some courses, local faculty.
  • Characteristics of such programs include:
    • 2 weeks of pre-departure readings and possible assignments
    • 3-4 weeks on-site
    • 4 weeks of post-site assignments back home
    • Learning occurs in a 24-7 environment from Maryville faculty augmented by faculty from other Missouri universities and on-site local universities
    • Most of learning occurs outside the formal classroom “in the streets” via excursions to important sites
    • Maryville administers these programs on behalf of a group on near-by and other American universities via an organization called MOSAIC (Missouri Study-Abroad International Consortium)
  • 2017 summer 3-4 week MOSAIC programs
    • London: May 13 – June 20
    • Florence, Italy: May 21 – June 20
    • Lugano, Switzerland: July 1 – July 27
    • Oxford, UK: July 3 – July 25

Short-term, faculty-led, 9-day, stand-alone programs during spring break, January or May

  • Characteristics of such programs include:
    • Associated with a course offered by Maryville faculty during fall/spring semester or summer
    • May be based at one site or students may spend a substantial time traveling from location to location
    • Up to 7 weeks of pre-departure on-campus reading and assignments
    • Post-site assignments
  • Galapagos Islands – January 7-14
    • Travel with Professor Gabe Colbeck to one of the most spectacular places in the world
    • Cost is around $4,000
    • 3 credits available for both science majors and non-majors as part of regular spring semester load

Individualized semester-long and year-long programs

Students may opt for a longer study abroad experience where you leave Maryville’s campus far behind and spend a semester or a year on your own at a university campus somewhere in the far corners of the globe with classmates from different cultures who will enrich your life in incalculable ways. Experience university life in another part of the world as you explore subjects in your major or study new topics relating to the local environment. Somewhere in the world is a program to fit your interests and needs. Maryville works with you to find the right fit. See Germaine Murray, PhD, in AB Hall 3220 (ext. 9544 or gmurray@maryville.edu) or James E. Harf, PhD, (jharf@maryville.edu), director of the Center for Global Education, in Gander Hall 101.

Semester study at a Maryville partner school in Europe

Maryville works with partner educational institutions to provide semester study at a cost far less than the cost of a regular semester of study on the Maryville campus.  These institutions are located in London and Florence.  The London program (at LEB) is designed for two audiences: (1) business majors who can take a variety of business courses including Business Practicum (working with a real London business on a real problem), and (2) Maryville students who want to fulfill some general educational requirements while studying in London. The Florence Program (at SRISA, Santa Reparata International School of Art) is designed for three audiences: (1) art and art design majors who can take courses in their major or fulfill general education requirements; (2) other humanities and social sciences majors who can take electives in their major or general education courses; and (3) other students who can fulfill general education requirements.

For spring semester 2017, students living on Maryville campus can save $3,600 by studying in London and $6,600 in Florence, including airfare.  Commuting students can save $1,250 in London and $4,250 in Florence, including airfare.

Credits earned by Maryville students are official Maryville credits rather than credits from the two partner institutions.

Additional information

See Germaine Murray, PhD, in AB Hall 3220 (ext. 9544 or gmurray@maryville.edu) or James E. Harf, PhD, (jharf@maryville.edu), director of the Center for Global Education, in Library, Room 111.

Internships and Experiential Learning Programs

Students may participate in an internship or experiential learning program during the summer or academic year. Typically, summer opportunities vary in length from 6 to 8 weeks.  During the regular academic year, the average experience is a semester in duration. The student works with the director of the Center for Global Education, James E. Harf, PhD, in Library, Room 111.

Summer 2017 Programs:

London (May 13 – June 10)

  • Live in the heart of the world’s most cosmopolitan city, with easy reach of all important sites
  • Both business and non-business courses
  • Both sessions have Business Practicum course – work on a real project for a real British client
  • Total cost for 6 credits is $6,800 plus airfare ($1,500 estimated); 3 additional credits for $750
  • Program Features

Florence, Italy (May 21 – June 20)

  • Live in heart of Florence, within walking distance of all important sites
  • Take 2 or 3 courses in art-related/social science/humanities/science fields
  • Excursions throughout Florence and to medieval city of Siena, plus others
  • Optional overnight excursions to Venice, and 3 days in Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, and also in Rome
  • Total cost for 6 credits is about $5,100 + airfare ($1,400 estimated); 3 additional credits for $750
  • Students from Florence can add Lugano program and arrive week early for R&R in Swiss Alps
  • Program Features

Lugano, Switzerland (July 1 – July 27)

  • About 20 miles from the Italian border in the lower Swiss Alps on the shores of Lake Lugano
  • You have access to all the recreational activities in the snow-capped Alps and the huge lake
  • You fly into Milan and then take an inexpensive shuttle bus to Lugano
  • We will use the excellent facilities of Franklin University, an American-style U.S. accredited university that runs a comprehensive summer program at the same time
  • Choice of taking Franklin’s courses and/or our own courses
  • Overnight trips to Venice, Italy and a Swiss Alps resort plus day-long excursions
  • Total cost for 6 credits is about $5,700 + airfare; 3 additional credits for $750
  • Students in Florence program can participate in Lugano program — can arrive week early for R&R in the Alps
  • Program Features

Oxford (July 3 – July 25)

  • Live in heart of Oxford, world’s greatest university town – walking distance to all important sites
  • Take 2-3 course, including tutorial with Oxford Don (professor)
  • Courses in health professions, social sciences, humanities and science
  • Lecture course on world affairs available from group of Oxford and American professors
  • Several excursions to London, plus to Windsor Castle, Blenheim Castle and Stratford-on-Avon
  • Total cost for 6 credits is about $5,545 + airfare ($1,400 estimated); 3 additional credits for $750
  • Program Features