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Felix Kwan

Professor of Economics and Finance Felix Kwan
Phone: Work 314.529.9610

I teach Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Money & Banking, and International Trade & Finance.

I strive to make economics come alive for my students, through real-world applications and connections to their daily lives.  I also believe that assessment is an important element of teaching and learning.  Neuroscience has found that frequent relevant quizzing fosters deep learning.  Thus, a lot of quizzes occur in my classes.

My current research is on student engagement and learning.  I study what experts in neuroscience are discovering about the brain and the learning process and how I may apply their ideas in my teaching.  Thus, I’m studying what lessons brain science offers to educators on how we might better engage our students and facilitate their learning.

I have been with Maryville for more than 20 years.