Erika Rasure, PhD

My specialty is bringing transformational learning leadership to my classrooms in the spirit of providing each student a customized learning experience in an active learning ecosystem, both on-ground and online, empowering students as leaders themselves to inspire the economies they serve as collaborators of innovation in business.

In crafting a collaborative and transformational learning experience targeted specifically to the skills and knowledge needed in real life, I lead by planning with the end in mind. Learning experiences must be customized to each student and must be flexible to meet individual student outcomes. Each student has the opportunity to take the driver’s seat of their education — and no two students will take the same road.

By the time students leave my classroom, they not only have the skills needed to drive, but also have a detailed roadmap of practical understanding, tools, and resources to get to their destination. They learn the value in taking risks, the importance of celebrating the lessons learned from mistakes made along the way, and that personal and professional success is most meaningful when you help others learn to drive once you get where you are going.

While I’m known as Dr. Rasure at Maryville, a business and financial services professor with over 13 years of professional industry experience– I am also known as Doctor Erika on Amazon and Instagram as the founder of a beard grooming company for men. My love for beards and my entrepreneurial spirit led me into the business of beards. The risks I take, the failures I have, and the milestones Doctor Erika’s achieves as a start-up have transformed my learning leadership philosophy and pedagogy, and informs the flexible learning experiences I cultivate for students.

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