Christian Espinosa


I’ve worked as a network and systems engineer, white hat hacker, trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur in the cyber security industry since 1993.

I hold over 20 industry certifications, including the CISSP, CISA, CEH, ECSA, CSSA, CEPT, PMP, CCSP, CHFI, and CEI.

I’m a veteran of the United States Air Force and hold a BS in engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) and an MBA in computer and information management from Webster University.

I also hold multiple patents on cyber security attack and defense simulation. Some of the notable projects I’ve worked on have included penetration testing for commercial aircraft – to help make aircraft “hackproof” while in flight and on ground, penetration testing of medical devices and digital forensics for several famous cases. I’ve also spoken at various conferences around the world on numerous cybersecurity topics. Most recently, I contributed to a report on aviation cyber security and participated in a report launch event with CNN in Washington, D.C. at the Atlantic Council. Details can be found here.

I’ve been involved with training and teaching since early in my career. I started out as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), teaching MCSE courses. I’ve taught cyber security certification courses throughout the world and college courses throughout my career. I’m passionate about improving communication skills, personal development and adult learning theory. I aim to bridge the gap between academia and real-world experience by updating and developing courses to be in line with needed cyber security skills, with an emphasis on the application of those skills. Knowledge is merely potential. Without the ability to apply knowledge, there is no point in acquiring it.

In my spare time, I climb mountains, travel the world, teach outdoor wilderness survival and race Ironman triathlons.