Emergency Message System Implemented


Maryville University has adopted a new campus notification system, Saints Alert, which enables the University to send urgent news to your electronic communication device. Once you sign up for the service, the University can text your electronic communication device with timely information about emergencies affecting the Maryville community.

Depending on your cell phone plan, there may be a nominal fee from your carrier to receive text messages but there is no charge from Maryville to use the service. The alert system is available to all current faculty, staff and students.

The new system, powered by e2Campus, enables Maryville officials to send instant alerts directly to registered subscribers’ e-mail accounts and mobile phones via SMS text messages. Alerts also can be received via RSS Wireless PDA, “My Yahoo,” “My AOL” or personalized “iGoogle” home page.

“It is evident from Virginia Tech as well as Hurricane Katrina that campuses must find ways to better communicate to the campus community in a timely manner. Text messaging has proven to be a valuable option,” said Michael Parkinson, Maryville’s director of public safety. “We know a majority of people carry their cell phones at all times, so now we can reach them with important information that may end up saving their lives.”

The Saints Alert is just one part of the overall emergency mass communication plan being developed for the University. Parkinson stated the University is currently reviewing the possibility of adding an outdoor warning system to help supplement the plan. “Once our community members sign up, the alerts go right to their cell phones the minute something happens,” he said. “However, it only works if you take a minute to register yourself in the system.”

To sign up for Saints Alert, go to the Maryville website homepage, www.maryville.edu., and click on the Saints Alert icon (pictured at right) in the bottom right corner. You will be asked to enter your Maryville username and password. After completing the sign-up page, you will receive a validation code on your electronic communication device. You must enter the code to complete the process to sign up for the text messaging. All users are encouraged to sign up for the e-mail alerts, especially if your phone does not allow text messages. For more information, call Parkinson at extension 9564.