National Board Certification

National Board Certification is a demonstration of a teacher’s practice as measured against high and rigorous standards. It is a symbol of commitment to excellence in teaching.  When a teacher achieves a National Board certificate, it’s a credential attesting to the fact that a teacher has been assessed by his or her peers as one who is accomplished, makes sound professional judgments about student learning, and acts effectively with those judgments.  See their website at www.nbpts.org for more information.

Maryville University St. Louis is committed to providing leadership in promoting and supporting National Board Certification.

Introductory National Board Component Courses

Maryville University offers courses that can assist teachers in learning about National Board certification and beginning to plan a teacher portfolio. EDW 521 Jump Start to National Board provides background and introductory information about the National Board certification process. This 2-credit course is offered at schools based on demand. For those participating in “Take One!,” candidates are able to sign up for 3 credits for the first NBC Portfolio course, EDW 527 National Board Portfolio I.  The registration form and process is listed to the right of this column. Contact the School of Adult and Online Education at 314-529-9342 or smiller@maryville.edu for further information.

Graduate Level Credit for National Board Certification

Maryville University’s School of Education provides three sequential graduate level courses available to teachers pursuing National Board Certification (NBC). A candidate may choose to earn up to 9 graduate credit hours while pursuing certification, available at a special reduced rate. Each course is designed to support the candidate by focusing on the Five Core Propositions, Standards, and Rubrics as set forth by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards as well as the National Board’s specific directions for each participant’s own area of certification. The first course, EDW 527, can be taken as part of “Take One!” completion.  These courses give credit for the work already required by a candidate in the process of NBC and not additional assignments for candidates engaged in the NBC process.

EDW 527 National Board Component 2
EDW 528 National Board Component 3
EDW 529 National Board Component 4

These 9 graduate credit hours are also offered to teachers who have completed the process and achieved certification based on their verifying the certification process and completing a brief reflective project with Maryville’s NBC coordinator, Kelly Mueller.

For those participating in the NBCT renewal process, Maryville University now offers a 3 graduate credit course, EDW 525 NBC Renewal.   NBCT’s should work with Maryville’s NBC coordinator, Kelly Mueller, to document their renewal process in order to receive graduate credit.

The National Board Certification process allows a teacher to analyze his/her teaching practice in relation to the NBPTS Standards and Five Core Propositions. It is a voluntary process offered to experienced teachers to complement, not replace, state systems of mandatory licensure for beginning teachers.

Anyone interested in these credit hours should contact Kelly Mueller at kmueller@maryville.edu or by calling 314-529-9342. Download the registration form here.

Additional information about National Board Certification can be found at www.nbpts.org.