Academic Exceptions FAQs

Pass/No Pass – Withdrawal Extension

Maryville University will provide students the option to receive their Spring semester course grades as either Pass/No Pass or as a letter grade. This includes 16-week courses for the Spring semester and 8-week courses for the Spring 2 term. In addition, the University is extending the final withdrawal deadline to May 3, 2020, the last day of class. These policy exceptions are only for those Spring 2020 courses currently in session.


Cherie Fister, Vice President for Academic Affairs

The University’s decision to adopt this academic policy was made in consideration of the great complexity in students’ lives since the coronavirus outbreak. From differences in technological resources at home to work-life changes to caring for ill family members to homeschooling kids – many of you are facing inequities and stress in your lives that are no doubt impacting your ability to perform at your best level of academic achievement. We believe providing this flexibility in grading and allowing you to choose the grading system that is best for your situation will enable you to progress in your degree program without being penalized for circumstances outside of your control.

Similarly, extending the withdrawal deadline is a way for students to continue with their classes through the end of the semester and then make the decision based on your performance for a full semester. Please contact the Solution Squad at or 314-529-9360 for questions about the process.

  • How and when should I withdraw from a class?

    You have until May 3, the last day of classes, to withdraw. Students can independently initiate a Withdrawal electronically. More details about how to withdraw from a class can be found at

  • How does withdrawing from a class or selecting the no pass option impact my overall GPA?

    Courses from which you withdraw or select the no pass option are not calculated into your GPA.

  • How does withdrawing from a class or selecting the no pass option impact my financial aid?

    Each student’s financial aid award is unique; therefore, we recommend students work directly with the solution squad to understand implications should there be questions or concerns.

  • How will taking a class Pass/No Pass impact my GPA?

    Pass or No Pass grades will not be factored into the GPA calculation. Pass courses will earn credit. No Pass courses will have no credit assigned and therefore, those hours will need to be retaken. Seniors and students in their final semester should be especially mindful of the consequences of a No Pass grade given the potential impact it could have on their ability to graduate.

  • How are Pass/No Pass grades determined?

    Any course in which an undergraduate student has earned a C- or above is eligible to be converted to a Pass grade based on the student’s choice.

    Graduate students must earn a C or above to be eligible to receive a Pass if they choose.

  • How and when do I need to decide if I want a letter grade or Pass/No Pass for a class?

    Students may convert any course grade to Pass/No Pass between now and May 14 (one week beyond the posting of final grades). At the end of the spring 2020 semester, faculty will submit final letter grades as they would at the end of any other term. This gives students one week to make a decision about whether to accept the final letter grade or to convert the grade to a Pass/No Pass status.

    *We want to be sure students make informed decisions and consider all the possible implications of their choices, so we encourage them to be in touch with their advisor. Students who are planning to apply for graduate school should also consult with their advisor about the advisability of using the Pass/No Pass option versus the letter grade.

    More details about how to convert your course letter grade to Pass/No Pass can be found at

  • Will a Pass grade count toward my degree requirements?

    Yes. All courses for which students earn a Pass grade will count toward degree requirements and support forward academic progression for both undergraduate and graduate degrees*. This action overrides some programmatic policies for this semester only. Students may elect this option including those required courses in their major, for this semester only.

    *Some degree programs and classes (e.g. Education) may have specific grade requirements for certification. In addition, some graduate programs are offering other flexible options. We strongly encourage students to first consult their advising support team before making a determination.

  • If I’m on academic probation, how does the grading choice impact my situation?

    If undergraduate students on probation elect the Pass/No Pass option, their probation period is immediately extended to the following semester. If students on probation are doing well and believe their grades will raise their GPA, they may elect to use the letter grade. Again, we suggest students discuss the option with their instructor or advisor if uncertain.

  • Will my Summer 2020 courses be impacted by the pandemic?
    As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the decision has been made to shift campus-based courses to virtual delivery for the Summer 2020 semester. We want to ensure an active and engaged learning environment with as little disruption as possible. We hope the convenience of online and virtual options will help make that possible during this unprecedented time. Instructors will provide direction through Canvas on how to access course content and participate in your course through a virtual platform. Clinicals, internships and other experiential learning courses will continue as planned unless impacted by external factors; in which case, students should follow up directly with their School or College.