Questions About Financial Aid After Commencement

Exit Counseling

All graduating students who borrowed from a Federal student loan program (Stafford subsidized and/or unsubsidized loans, TEACH Grants, or Perkins loans) must participate in exit counseling prior to commencement. This session provides information regarding repayment of your loans, as well as benefits that continue into repayment and the potential benefits of consolidating loans. This is done online at

After you complete the exit interview, the Maryville University Financial Aid Office will be notified. Your record will then be updated to reflect that you have satisfied this requirement.

Loan History

View your complete Federal loan history online at This is an excellent way to insure that your records and Federal records are in agreement.


Students who have received funds from the Federal TEACH Grant Program must participate in exit counseling from this program, as well as from the student loan programs. TEACH Grant Exit Counseling can be completed at