Cap & Gown

Cap & Gown

Participants in the commencement ceremony are expected to wear appropriate academic attire. Academic attire consists of a cap, a gown, and, in the case of a graduate and doctoral degree, a hood.

How to Order

Your cap and gown order was automatically processed when you applied for graduation and noted your height and weight on the form. Graduates keep their cap, gown and hood, so there is no need to return them after the commencement ceremony.

Cap, gown, and hood pick up:

Caps, Gowns, and Hoods

Caps and gowns are black. Tassels for undergraduate degrees are red and white, black for Master’s degrees and gold for Doctoral degrees. The tassel is worn on the right front quadrant of the cap and is moved to the left after all participants have been presented and the degrees are ceremonially conferred. For Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates, the color of the velvet on the hood indicates the specific field of study. Students may also wear honor cords or other symbols of their membership in University honor societies and organizations. White collars are no longer necessary.

How to Properly Wear a Hood

The fee for caps, gowns, and hoods is included in the One Fee; therefore, there is no additional charge.