Accessibility Parking

There are approximately 3,500 parking spaces at the Family Arena. Accessible parking is available in the southwest corner of the arena lot. Guests wishing to be dropped off or picked up before or after the ceremony should use the South parking entrance. A separate two-lane drive with a turn-around lane allows guests to be easily dropped off and/or picked up.

For visitors who must park in accessible spaces, please be sure to bring your personal State Handicap Parking tag or verification of it. This tag or tag verification will allow you to park in a handicap space at the Family Arena on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There will be a designated drop off area for those without state issued handicap tags.

Accessible Seating

Family Arena has an ample number of seats for guests with disabilities dispersed throughout the lower and upper level.  All seats for guests with limited mobility have been selected to allow convenient entry and exit.  We kindly ask that only one companion accompany the individual that needs accommodations.

Sign language

An American Sign Language interpreter will be present during Commencement.  If you require the services of a sign language interpreter please contact Kathy Quinn (314-529-9476).
Seats are reserved in Suite 108C for those requiring the services of a sign language interpreter.


Guests requiring an elevator to access lower and upper-level seating, should park near the South side of the building and enter at Gates 1 or 2. The elevator is located on the west side of the Main Lobby. The elevator is located on the Main Concourse across from section 102. There is a ramp to the entrance at Gate 3 which would eliminate the need for the use of an elevator.