Rawlings Sport Business Management – Partnerships

The Rawlings Sport Business Management program has developed relationships with sport business organizations in the St. Louis area and across the country.

Below is a partial list of partnerships and how these sport business organizations positively impact the students enrolled in the program.


RawlingsRawlings Corporation

Rawlings Corporation has been partnering with Maryville’s sport business management program since the program’s inception in 2007. Rawlings provides students with internships in many areas of their business including marketing, sales and operations. Rawlings professionals also co-teach the advanced applications in sport business management courses. The “Rawlings Market Research & Development” course is a required course for all sport business management majors. The course is developed in conjunction with Rawlings professionals who visit the class and assign products on both the research and development end that will be utilized by Rawlings when making business decisions.

In spring 2015, five students participated in a data analytics project for Rawlings Sporting Goods. The scope of the project was to run sales data against non-traditional trends in the hard good industry to find correlations in sales traffic during the college basketball season.

“Getting to work for a big company like Rawlings during my freshman year was an amazing experience! I was able to get an inside look at data analytics, specifically within college basketball. I learned a ton and had fun doing it.” Russell Susuki ‘18

St Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals annually partner with the “Selling in the Business of Sport” course. The Cardinals, who pride themselves on a holistic approach when engaging fans, see the benefit to being a part of the Selling in the Business of Sport course and have contributed to it by giving students real-life selling experience. Over the course, students have the opportunity to make sales calls on the behalf of the Cardinals organization. The professionalism they exhibit in this course and beyond is why a number of program graduates find themselves joining the Cardinals’ sales ranks.

“Being able to display selling techniques and how I approached each sales call with a game plan showed the St. Louis Cardinals that I was someone they wanted to hire,” Joann Thompson ’14 Cardinals Account Executive, Season Tickets

During the 2015 baseball season, students observed and measured the effectiveness of game-day customer service at the Cardinals box office and presented their findings to the team. This information will be used in the Cardinals off-season training program.

“The customer service research opportunity with the St. Louis Cardinals has been by far one of the best opportunities I have had the chance to be a part of. The opportunity has provided me a better understanding of how consumers perceive customer service and the trends that go alongside those perceptions. This opportunity has provided me great value as a professional and student in the industry.” Michael Braunfeld ‘18

Saint Louis BluesThe St Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues provide students with excellent experience in the classroom and in the work place. Students have created a sport marketing plan for the Blues to sell more student night tickets and present their plans to Blues executives who provide feedback. The Blues provide a number of internship experiences for Rawlings Sport Business Management students.

Blues President and CEO of Business Operations Chris Zimmerman and a number of Blues front office staff hosted a group of upperclassmen in a suite for an executive meet and greet.

“To have the St. Louis Blues plan an event like this with our program is unreal. We were able to ask questions and listen to a few of their executives about their careers in the industry and how they got to where they are today. Not many people can say that. It just shows the amount of time and effort our advisors and students put into building these kinds of relationships in the sports business industry. I think everyone involved really appreciated the opportunity to be able to go to such a fun event.” Kristen Martin, ‘16

Missouri Valley Conference

Each spring, the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) partners with the Rawlings Sport Business Management program on the Sport & Event Facility course. MVC staff attends a number of classes throughout the semester to share their knowledge on managing events within their conference and in particular the logistics behind their men’s and women’s basketball tournaments that utilizes a number of program students as volunteers. The MVC also has provided internships to Rawlings Sport Business Management students.

St. Louis Sports Commission

The St. Louis Sports Commission focuses its efforts on attracting, creating and managing major sporting events in the St. Louis region. The Commission has partnered with Rawlings Sport Business Management program to provide a myriad of volunteer opportunities including the DI and DII Wrestling Championships, NCAA Bowling and NCAA Basketball tournaments.

During the Spring 2015 semester students data mined the amount of public versus private funding for professional stadiums around the United States and shared their findings with the Sports Commission.

“Working on this project has been an amazing learning experience that I couldn’t have received elsewhere. The project showed me the importance of being accurate and timely with results. The level of detail needed to complete such a project is of the highest quality.” Jeremy Busby ‘17

Game Face, Inc.

Rob Cornilles, founder and president of Game Face, Inc., has been introducing the art of selling not just a ticket but an experience to Rawlings Sport Business Management students since the fall of 2012. His Game Face Training is a large part of the program’s “Selling in the Business of Sport” course and is training students in the same selling manner that over 25,000 professionals in more than 400 organizations receive. During an intense three-day training seminar Cornilles shares the skills needed and secrets to being a master of sales thus making students more appealing and employable when they first enter the sports job market.

“When I train Rawlings Sport Business Management students I know that I am going to have an engaged group of learners who want to not just learn but excel. This excites me not just as a trainer of future sport executives but for the future of sport.” Rob Cornilles