Hands-On Experience and Real-World Case Studies Any Time, Anywhere

At Maryville University, we are committed to a technology-forward learning environment that facilitates engagement with hands-on training. Real-world case studies are integrated throughout the curriculum to allow students to work with actual malware that was used in a corporate environment. This unique approach encourages students to discover legal and ethical issues through investigation, strategic exploration, and analytical thinking. With material delivered through the Maryville Virtual Lab, students can log in via computer or phone to access coursework and lessons virtually anywhere at any time.

  • The cyber security curriculum is delivered through an innovative platform, the Maryville Virtual Lab, which was recognized by Apple for its integration of Apple tools and software.
  • The cyber security program delivers a hands-on approach allowing students to complete tasks by running software for investigation. Instead of learning through lectures, students complete tasks and engage in a project-based learning environment.

    The program focuses on real-world applications including malware used to target businesses, allowing students to deconstruct it, see how it operates, and detonate it within a sandbox environment.

    Analyze case studies to understand and articulate legal and ethical aspects of cyber security

  • Utilize drones to review network security and wireless network settings.