Athletics Forms M Club for Student-Athlete Alumni


[St. Louis, Mo.]—The Maryville University Department of Athletics announces the formation of the M Club for all Saints student-athletes. The M Club is designed to integrate Maryville student-athletes back into campus activities after graduation. The M Club concept was generated by the Athletics Leadership Council. All former Saints student-athletes are automatically members of the M Club.

“The M Club was created to bring all of Saints Nation together,” former women’s basketball player Kristin Fomon said. “Whether you graduated 40 years ago or you graduate in May, you are athletic alumni. The M Club links student-athletes through the years and truly exemplifies the saying: Once a Saint, Always a Saint. Life after athletics shouldn’t mean that you no longer feel like a part of Saints Nation. It is a great opportunity for former student-athletes to continue to be a part of Maryville University even though their eligibility is up and they’ve moved to the next chapters in their lives.”

“After having being a student-athlete at Maryville for four years, I noticed a disconnection after graduation,” women’s golf alumnus Mycah Hudson said. “The bonds created while competing in sports were quickly separated by distance, jobs, etc. The M club will help allow our athletic alumni stay involved in current Saints activities, network with other M Club members and represent Maryville University at its highest level. I hope to see this club re-unite one of the strongest groups of individuals that attended the university. For me, this club proves that Maryville University truly cares about our athletes, even after graduation.”

“Too often, student athletes that graduated were moving on with their lives and putting Maryville in the rearview mirror,” baseball graduate Nick Little said. “Our goal is to get those alumni involved and feel like a part of Maryville again.  Having a strong student-athlete alumni base is important to any university, and we would like to establish that at Maryville. Being in the M Club makes alumni feel like they are a part of a team again.”

“The goal of the M Club is to strategically position itself among current student-athletes and student-athlete alumni,” former men’s soccer player Aaron Weston said. “Being a student-athlete has impacted my character like no other series of events. For me, the integration of a collegiate sport and academic practice has had an immediate impact on my professional development and will continue to do so throughout my life. I can do nothing but encourage other student-athletes to enjoy and learn from the experience as it will be something you will never forget.”