Special Studies

Special Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Each semester the College of Arts and Sciences offers Special Studies courses that are based on the interests of our students and faculty. Special Studies courses are found on each semester’s schedule under the numbers of 297, 397, 497 and Graduate Studies 597.

Due to the nature of Special Studies courses, some of them are offered for only one semester. Below is a listing of the most current offerings.


Fall 2017

  • ACSC 597 Thesis/Research – This course is designed to prepare students for actuarial science related research projects.
  • ADID 497 Advanced BIM with Revit – This class will offer interior design students, who have a working knowledge of Autodesk Revit Architecture, an opportunity to expand their knowledge of Revit Architecture, learn the newest Revit interface, create custom modeling components, and master rendering techniques for expanding interior design projects using the Revit. Through lectures and demonstrations, discussion, and hands-on work using the software to complete project assignments, students will expand upon what they have learned, how to use the Revit software as a design tool, and how to apply it to schematic design and rendering.
  • ADSA 397 Drawing for Storytelling – This drawing course is designed to familiarize students with drawing using digital media such as iPads, desktop computers and other digital devices/media. Although intended for art/design majors, it is recommended for those interested in careers in graphic design, interior design, and multimedia studies. Emphasis is placed in drawing as a means of communicating ideas graphically and in developing skills in gesture, character development, and sequential drawings. Students should have completed a basic drawing course and have a working familiarity with the iPad, desktop computer, and adobe software for Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • ADSA 497 Special Studies: Ceramics – This course will focus on skill development, special interest topics, creating a body of work and/or contemporary art and design events with in the context of ceramics. Students will employ some of the basic processes of working with clay, including hand-building and experimental methods to create sculptural and functional work. The course will encompass basic glazing and surface treatments, as well as, and the aesthetics of form and function as they relate to works in clay.
  • ADSA 497 Special Studies: Jewelry/Metals – Advanced metalsmithing courses are offered periodically based on faculty and student interests. This course will focus on skill development, special interest topics, creating a body of work and/or contemporary art and design events with in the context of metalsmithing.
  • ADSA 497 Special Studies: Painting – For advanced painting students who are beginning to assemble a consistent body of work that is thematically related. This course may be repeated for credit and may be taken for 3-6 credits. Students must be self-motivated and willing to share ideas, criticisms, and inspiration. Students must have a high work ethic in studio. There will be emphasis on developing an artistic voice in each student. Third semester students will also be encouraged to offer their knowledge and experience while working along-side of first and second semester painters.
  • ADTC 297 Design + Visual Art Technical Workshop – A one-credit technical workshop experience focused on gaining exposure to specialized or emerging software, equipment, or techniques utilized in the development of creative work. Fall 2017 – 3D printing, etc. More to be announced.
  • COMM 597 Persuasion
  • HIST 297 Special Studies
  • HIST 297H Honors Vietnam War Era
  • MUS 297 African Drumming Ensemble
  • PSCI 297 Globalization toward Sustainability
  • SOC 297 Sociology of Religion
  • SOC 297H Japanese Anime & Pop Culture