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What Can I Do With A Psychology Degree?

Maryville psychology graduates, with uniquely customized programs of study and applied learning experiences, are well-prepared and competitive for numerous career opportunities and graduate studies in areas such as counseling, social work, and law.  Some of our alumni now work as child support specialists, child services workers, social workers, substance abuse counselors, support managers for people with developmental disabilities, community support workers, and human resources directors.

Growing awareness of how students’ mental health and behavioral problems affect learning is increasing demand for school psychologists. As advances in medical technology allow more people to survive injury or illness, more people will need rehabilitation counseling. The increasing elderly population and aging baby boomers will also create greater demand for health and social services.

Employment of mental health counselors, marriage counselors and family therapists is expected to grow as more people feel the need for professional help with health, personal and family problems.

Industrial-organizational psychologists will continue to help boost productivity and retention rates in a wide range of businesses. Furthermore, demand for vocational or career counselors will grow as workers hold down multiple jobs or change careers.

State and local governments need counselors to help people in welfare programs find jobs. Demand is also anticipated to be strong for professionals trained to provide certain types of specialized psychological treatment, like substance abuse and behavioral disorder counseling. Drug offenders are increasingly being sent to treatment programs rather than to jail, and the growing number of Iraq war veterans may need treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Office of Career and Professional Development

We are here to help students navigate their way through the process of seeking meaningful and valuable career experiences, including on-campus employment, internships, service opportunities, and part-time and full-timework. Our team helps you develop a resume and cover letters, conduct mock interviews and contemplate your future career choices. We also offer ongoing professional development workshops and events.

Our partnership begins right away. When you arrive on campus, you’ll work in tandem with a life coach to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Maryville.

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