Political Science

The Political Science program at Maryville offers a variety of approaches to understanding government. Study options are limitless. Previous students have focused on such diverse subjects as crime, domestic violence, economic development, education, the environment, health care, Social Security, transportation, gay rights, gun ownership and terrorism. Student explore how these issues affect the institutions, processes and policies of American and foreign political systems.

Program Features

Meet the Makers and Shakers
Maryville Political Science students are often able to see, hear and actually meet the architects of both domestic and international policies. Recent visitors to the university include journalists Jeff Greenfield and Bob Woodward, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Extra Credit the Cool Way
As a Political Science major at Maryville University, you have the opportunity to earn additional academic credit in two special programs – Maryville’s Study Abroad Program and the Washington Center Program. Maryville Political Science students have studied abroad in Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Japan and Russia, while participants in the Washington Center Program have attended the American presidential inauguration and the major parties’ national conventions.

Professional/Career Opportunities

According to a recent study, Political Science graduates rank among the highest wage earners when compared to other full-time employed college graduates with only a bachelor’s degree, and many graduates continue their educations in graduate school to prepare for careers in law, business, journalism, government service, teaching, lobbying and campaign management. In recent years, Maryville Political Science majors have been admitted to the Political Science graduate programs at many fine local and regional universities including Saint Louis University, Washington University and the University of Missouri, as well as the prestigious programs at the University of Chicago, Pepperdine University and Harvard Law School, among others.

Degree Offerings

Admission Requirements

If you’re interested in joining our Political Science program, you need to meet the general admissions requirements for the University. We recommend that you complete a variety of high school or college prep courses in English, science, math, social studies and foreign language before applying.