Advisory Committee

Because we are a program approved by the American Bar Association, we are required to have an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee must include practicing lawyers, paralegals from the public and private sector, managers of paralegals, faculty, school administrators and one or more members of the general public. The Advisory Committee must be familiar with the objectives of the program and meets at least twice annually.

The Advisory Committee has several functions:

  • advise regarding admissions standards for the selection of qualified students for the program;
  • assist in securing competent instructors;
  • inform the program about changes and trends in the field;
  • assist the program in assessing the job market and in exploring and developing career opportunities for paralegals;
  • publicize the program and secure community cooperation and interest;
  • evaluate the adequacy of the library resources; and
  • assess the effectiveness of the total program in terms of its curriculum and objectives, the needs of the legal community, and graduate performance.