Degree Offerings and Requirements

General Education Requirements:

  • or above

Please Note: General education requirements may be revised slightly at the discretion
and approval of both the adviser in the area of concentration and the program director.

One Course in each of the following areas:

  • Fine Arts: art, music, performance, aesthetics 3
  •  Literature or foreign language 3
  • Philosophy 3
  • Two courses in humanities or fine arts 6

Social Sciences

  • Two courses in American history or government 6
  • Social Science elective from one of the following:

Natural Science/Quantitive Reasoning

  • Science 3
  • Additional Math or Science 3
  • Please note: Two courses (one from humanities and one from social sciences) may be counted for both the general education core and the major.

International and Cultural Studies Major Requirements:
1.  Introductory Courses (1 course – 3 credits)

  • HUM 204 (Intercultural Studies)

2.  Core Courses (5 courses – 15 credits)

  • PSCI 210 (World Politics) or PSCI 108 (Comparative Politics)
  • HIST 332 (World History 1500 to Present)
  • GEOG 101 (World Regional Geography) or ADAH 337 (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems)
  • REL 465 (Comparative Religion and Culture)
  • ENGL 257/357 (World Literature)

  3.  Track Courses (within an area of concentration called a track,
a minimum of 5 within-track elective courses or 15 credits)

  • Students must select an area of concentration or track in consultation with the advisor to the major. Below is a list of 11 possible tracks. Alternatively, students may create their own track in consultation and cooperation with the advisor. Individualized tracks must be approved by both the advisor and the Director of the Center for Global Education.
  • These courses may be taken on Maryville’s campus or as part of a study-abroad program.
    Possible Tracks (areas of concentration)
    • Western Civilization
    • Non-Western Civilization
    • International Relations
    • Religious Studies
    • Global Arts and Architecture
    • Global Issues
    • Global Health
    • Comparative Studies
    • European Studies
    • British Studies
    • Asian Studies

4.  Capstone Senior Seminar  (1 course – 3 credits)

  • In this research-oriented course, each student will analyze a contemporary global problem of his/her choosing by focusing on how the global community is addressing the problem.

5.  Foreign Language Requirement

  • Proficiency is demonstrated by passing examination or completing the Intermediate II course with a grade of “C-” or better.

6.  Study-Abroad Experience

  • Student must complete either: (1) a semester- or year-long for-credit study-abroad program, (2) a short-term faculty-led study-abroad program for a minimum of 3 credits, or (3) an internship abroad for a minimum of 3 credits. These credits would count as elective credit.

Track Options:

  • Students would have the option of specialization within the major by either: (1) selecting a designated track (see list above), or (2) working with the program director or academic advisor to develop an individualized plan of study (for example, global poverty, economics, education, etc.)