Undergraduate Programs


Communication Students and Faculty at the 2013 PRSA Pro-Am Day.

Learn and do – that’s the opportunity Maryville’s Communication program offers its majors. Students study the basics in the classroom and then practice what they’ve learned through a variety of opportunities ranging from real-world class clients to our online Maryville student news site, Pawprint. The three areas of emphasis within Maryville’s Communication major reflect the major areas of today’s media and communication environment:

  • Strategic Communication – The combination of public relations, social media, advertising, and organizational communication responsible for creating and managing communication at all levels in companies and organizations.
  • Emerging Media Strategy and Social Media – Writing, editing, and designing communication messages for digital channels, with a strong emphasis on strategically using personal, social, and mass media to reach niche audiences. Students in this concentration learn web design, social media campaigns, search engine optimization, and writing for digital environments.
  • Contemporary Journalism – Reporting, writing, and editing for today’s online and traditional media environments, including creating and developing new media outlets on the Web.

Each area of study contains a strong mixture of knowledge reflecting the academic side, and skills demonstrating the applied, professional side. Students complete a 27-credit hour core (nine courses and a portfolio defense) along with their chosen area of emphasis. Our recommended transfer student plan for degree completion can be found here.