Professional/Career Opportunities

The environmental field is by nature very broad and diversified, but the demand for people trained in Environmental Studies and Environmental Science is always strong. Job fields range from soil and water conservation and environmental consulting to waste water management, wildlife ecology and environmental agencies. Positions within these fields include agricultural scientists, conservation scientists, ecologists, environmental attorneys, environmental health and safety inspectors, foresters, hydrologists, regional planners, urban planners and wildlife biologists.

While education is not a guarantee of employment, people with degrees in environmental majors can qualify for jobs in local, state and federal government agencies and departments. Due to increased demands for information, inspection and litigation, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is adding about 600 new full-time employees to its roster each year. In addition to the various levels of governmental units, private businesses utilize many people with environmental training as well. Of course, some of these positions require graduate training at the master’s level or above, but that academic path begins with a solid undergraduate degree from Maryville University.

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