Degree Offerings and Requirements

Degree Offerings

Students who choose the 3-2 option earn an undergraduate B.S. degree in Science from Maryville and a B.S in Engineering from Washington University, whereas those who choose the 4-2 may select other majors in the arts and sciences, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or biomedical science.

Programs of study for Washington University dual degree students are the same as those available to other students in the School of Engineering & Applied Science and include:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Science & Engineering

B.S/M.S. Program in Engineering

Maryville/Washington University Dual Degree Program students may apply for admission to a combined bachelor’s and Master’s engineering program after their first year at Washington University, except for biomedical engineering. Students who are admitted typically complete both degrees in a total of 6 semesters at Washington University.

Admission Requirements

  1. Institutional Recommendation and Receipt of a Second Degree. The Maryville Dual Degree liaison officer must sign two forms to certify aptitude for engineering study. This will attest you are expected to complete a bachelor’s degree no later than receipt of the engineering degree from Washington University.
  2. Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average. A GPA of B+ (3.25/4.0) or better, both overall and in science and mathematics courses is required for admission to the Dual Degree Program. Applicants with lower GPAs are considered on a case-by-case basis.
General Education Requirements

I. Literacy
A. INTD 101 University Seminar
B. ENGL 101 Composition: Theme Writing
C. ENGL 104 Composition: The Essay
II. Humanities
A. Fine Arts (1 course in art, music, performance, or aesthetics)
B. Literature/language ( 1 course)
C. Philosophy (1 course)
D. Humanities (2 courses)
1. Humanities 101/301 required
2. One additional elective from ENGL, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, HUM,PHIL, REL)
III. Social Sciences (3 courses)
A. American history or government
B. Electives (at least two disciplines in ECON, HIST, PSCI, PSYC, SOC

Required Courses:

Mathematics (5 courses)
• MATH 151 Calculus I (4 cr)
• MATH 152 Calculus II (4cr)
• MATH 251 Calculus III (4 cr)
• MATH 315 Applied Linear Algebra
• MATH 320 Applied Differential Equations
Science Core (7 courses + completion of a minor in one of the sciences)
• CHEM 103 General Chemistry I (4cr)
• CHEM 104 General Chemistry II (4cr)
• BIOL 117 General Biology I (4cr)
• BIOL 118 General Biology II (4cr)
• PHYS 153 Calculus-based Physics I (4cr)
• PHYS 154 Calculus-based Physics II (4cr)
• Computer Science – one course in a high-level programming language
• Completion of a minor in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical science, or physics

Completion of B.S. in Engineering Program at Washington University

Additional courses required for application to Washington University:

Additionally, students must complete specific course requirements for application into some of the engineering programs at Washington University

For Biomedical Engineering

BIOL 206 General Microbiology (4cr)
CHEM 203 Organic Chemistry I (4cr)
CHEM 204 Organic Chemistry II (4cr)

Electrical Engineering

—no additional coursework required for application in 2010

For Chemical Engineering

CHEM 203 Organic Chemistry I (4cr)
CHEM 204 Organic Chemistry II (4cr)
ENV 112 Environmental Science (4cr)
MATLAB proficiency strongly recommended

For Computer Science & Computer Engineering

Additional computer programming courses selected with adviser, including a second programming language

Mechanical Engineering

—no additional coursework required for application in 2010

Systems Science & Engineering

—no additional coursework required for application in 2010