Professional/Career Opportunities

Destination: Missouri

The reputation of the Midwest as a life-science nexus is growing, as are career opportunities for aspiring biologists. Missouri excels in the plant, animal and human health aspects of life science. The region’s employers have big names – like Monsanto and Pfizer – and conduct world-class research. Ready to prepare for a career in improving the lives of everyday people? Look no further.

Loftier Goals

If you decide to seek additional training after graduation, you’ll be more than prepared for graduate and professional studies in forensics, biotechnology, medicine and dentistry, environmental and health regulatory law.  Many Maryville students interested in the medical field choose biology as their major.  A degree from Maryville can help you earn acceptance into many distinguished medical, osteopathy, dental, veterinary and optometry programs. In fact, we have a proven record of students moving on to schools such as St. Louis University, the University of Iowa, the University of Texas, the University of Tokyo, the University of Missouri (St. Louis and Columbia) and Washington University.

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