Program Features

The Accelerated Master’s Option

In your third year as an actuarial science undergrad, you can apply for the Accelerated Master’s option. This shortens the time you spend in school and saves you money.

Four of the courses you take senior year will also count toward the master’s program. After earning your bachelor’s degree, you’ll only have 24 credits left to complete, along with one professional exam.

Our Actuarial Science Master’s program is tailored to prepare you for the advanced exams necessary for Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries. Check out our page on graduate studies in Actuarial Science for more information.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

Thanks to General American Life Insurance Company, the St. Louis Actuaries Club and the St. Louis actuarial community, we’re able to offer you a variety of scholarship opportunities. One such award, specifically reserved for new applicants to the Actuarial Science program, is the Margot Pallmann Scholarship for Actuarial Science. For more information about Maryville financial aid and scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office at 314-529-9360.

The Actuarial Exam System

In 2005, the Society of Actuaries revised its examination structure. The SOA now requires potential associates to complete certain coursework in VEE (Validated by Education Experience) subjects.

As one of the Society of Actuaries’ pilot groups, Maryville University offers courses that have been approved by the VEE Administration Committee to fulfill the requirements of topics in Corporate Finance, Economics and Applied Statistical Methods.

Our undergraduate curriculum coordinates with the first five actuarial exams (Exam P, Exam FM, Exam MLC,  Exam MFE, Exam C) jointly sponsored by the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society. The following tables give specifics about how the courses you’ll take relate to the professional exams.

Professional Exams:

Maryville Courses

 Exam P:

Exam FM:

Exam MLC:

Exam C:

Exam MFE:

Exam QFI:

FSA Exam Topic:

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