Professional/Career Opportunities

Actuarial Science as a Career

Actuaries solve problems in insurance, finance and other related fields by applying practical and theoretical knowledge of mathematics and business techniques. In this increasingly more necessary field, you might help determine rates and premiums on insurance policies, or forecast future events that could affect insurance programs. Some actuaries work with consulting firms, giving advice to corporations about their insurance and pension programs. Others are employed by government agencies, corporations and universities. Most actuaries specialize in life and health insurance, property and liability insurance or pension plans.

In a comparison of 250 careers by The Jobs Rated Almanac – whose criteria included work environment, income, stress level, security, physical demands and employment opportunities – actuarial science was ranked as the “number one job” in the nation.

Career Preparation

The Office Career and Professional Development provides you with resources and guidance to help you get where you want to go after graduation.

Plus, we bring employers to you by setting up on-campus recruitment sessions with major companies. Each February, Maryville hosts an Actuarial Science Career Day. Employers from many local and regional companies come to campus to meet Actuarial Science students and discuss career opportunities in an informal setting

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