Tribute and Memorial Giving

A gift to Maryville University is a wonderful way to honor and recognize a former teacher, student or staff member. Tribute and Memorial giving provides recognition of the person for whom it is named as well as financial support for a deserving student.

The following are examples of Tribute Scholarships currently in place at Maryville University. We welcome you to contribute to these funds.

Sacred Heart Scholarships

The Patricia Barrett Scholarship

The fund, established in 1979 by Maryville faculty and staff, recognizes the 40 years of exemplary service to Maryville by Sister Patricia Barrett, RSCJ. The scholarships are unrestricted with regard to student eligibility from the various academic areas.

The Marie Kernaghan Scholarship Fund

Sister Marie Kernaghan, RSCJ, professor of science for more than 60 years, was recognized by the creation of this fund initiated by her former students. Sister Kernaghan was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in physics from Saint Louis University. Kernaghan Hall, on the Maryville campus, bears her name.

The Mother Marie Odeide Mouton Scholarship

Maryville’s first president served from 1937 to 1956. This scholarship was established by an alumnae committee. It is for an outstanding female student majoring in biology, chemistry, English, history, liberal studies, mathematical science or psychology.

The Mother Mary Philomena O’Meara Scholarship

This award was donated by Theresa O’Meara in honor of Mother Mary Philomena O’Meara, mistress general of Maryville from 1873 until 1884, when she became Superior. She served as Superior until 1888. The scholarship recipient must be a Catholic high school graduate.

The Mary Reid Scholarship

Established by a Maryville College graduate who requested anonymity, this scholarship was named for Mother Mary Reid, RSCJ, who secured accreditation of Maryville as a junior college and as a full-time college.

Other Scholarships

The Alumni Scholarship

Established by the Maryville University Alumni Association, this is an ongoing endowment to promote intellectual achievement and campus participation. The recipient is chosen by the Alumni Board.

The Rick Arnold Memorial Scholarship

For 10 years Rick Arnold was a valued and beloved member of the Maryville family as an employee in our Marketing and Public Relations office. Rick was the writer and editor of our internal newsletter, our senior news release writer and a significant contributor to the Maryville University alumni magazine. He also served as a patient, respected and much appreciated mentor to many students who worked in his department. A very talented wordsmith, Rick helped these students improve their writing skills in a positive work environment that he created and filled with warmth and humor. The Rick Arnold Memorial Scholarship was established upon his death in February 2008, by his family to perpetuate Rick’s legacy by providing financial support to students in the Communications program.

The Douglas G. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Doug Johnson graduated with honors from Maryville in 1979.  As a student, he played both soccer and baseball for Maryville, was a popular Resident Assistant and very active in campus life. As an alumnus, Doug was a member of Maryville’s Simon School of Business National Leadership Council and an active former athlete. The Douglas G. Johnson Endowed Scholarship was established by his wife, Anita, and his family and friends at the time of his death in June 2010. Through this scholarship, Doug’s legacy will live on forever at Maryville through the countless students who will benefit from this fund for generations to come.

The Dennis Shea Scholarship

Dr. Dennis Shea joined Maryville University in 1977 as one of only two psychology faculty. As the psychology program grew during his many years at Maryville, Shea developed and taught a wide variety of courses from stress and health to sports psychology. Sports have always been an important part of Dr. Shea’s life and he has been a devoted and enthusiastic supporter of Maryville’s athletic program. This scholarship was established in 2008 in honor of Dr. Shea’s retirement from Maryville.

The Jim Thomas Scholarship

This scholarship honors Jim Thomas, a long-time, well-loved member of the Maryville staff from 1952 to 1991.

The Norm Woldow Scholarship

Dr. Norman Woldow joined the Maryville University faculty in 1973.  The courses he has taught over the years span an unusual breadth of topics from human anatomy and physiology to historical geography. This scholarship was established in 2008 in honor of Dr. Woldow’s retirement from Maryville.

The Norm Woldow Endowed Scholarship for Nursing Students

This endowed scholarship for undergraduate nursing students was established in 2008 by an anonymous donor who graduated from our Nursing program.  Dr. Woldow made a tremendous impact on the life of this donor, as he did for many of the Nursing students he taught over the years.  This anonymous donor challenges alumni of the Nursing program to contribute to this scholarship to pay tribute to Dr. Woldow and the legacy he created in the Nursing program at Maryville.

For more information on Tribute and Memorial Giving please contact Amy Rauscher, Assistant Director Annual Fund, at 314.529.9658, 1.800.627.9855 ext. 9658, or arauscher@maryville.edu.