Parent and Family Programs

Maryville University strives to enrich our students’ educational experience by enhancing the experience of their parents and families. We advance this cause through clear and effective communication and dedicated resources to help further the understanding of our mission and goals as an institution.

While we fully encourage our students to immerse themselves in the campus environment as mature and increasingly independent young adults, we realize that parents continue to act as partners in their children’s’ lives. We hope to nurture that partnership and embrace the important role parents continue to play in the lives of our students.

The Parents Council is a small, diverse group of parents who act as ambassadors for the entire parent body. The council focuses on the parent perspective in a number of areas, including academic and social programs. In addition to other projects, a major priority of this group is theParents Annual Fund.

The Parents Annual Fund supports all of our academic units and strengthens programs that have an immediate impact on the student experience.

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