Class Agents

Brief History

The Maryville University Class Agents program traces its beginnings to 1997 when the Maryville University Alumni Association had a vision of keeping graduates connected to the University in a meaningful way through the efforts of a group of class agents.  Each agent would be the conduit for information on the University and on fellow classmates, communicating with every member of the class regardless of how far he or she had moved from the University or how long ago they had graduated.

These efforts have matured nearly 100 class agents.  The goal is for each graduated class to have one or more class agents.


Today there is more communication between the University and its alumni body than ever before.  From Maryville Magazine to the President’s Report, to Annual Fund periodic information pieces, Maryville alumni receive a myriad of communications from the University.

In addition, the number of alumni events, on and off campus, has risen tremendously over the past several years.  However, these information pieces and events, as good as they are, can’t replace the personal touch of a class agent writing a letter to his/her classmates or building interest in the next class reunion.  It is the personal nature of class agent communications that makes them a powerful, positive force.


* Communicate with classmates
* Communicate with the University
* Help with Class Reunions
* Assisting the University’s fundraising efforts