MU License Plates

Maryville University plates are personalized and may contain from one to six characters or from one to five characters, plus a dash. MU plates are available only for registered Missouri vehicles. Apply for or renew your MU plates online via this online application form.

Want to see how your personalized plate would look? Click here and use the Missouri Department of Revenue’s personal plate mock up program. At the bottom of the page under “Select a Design Category” select “Collegiate” and then “Maryville University.”

To find out if your “saying” is available call the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573.751.4509 or e-mail mvbmail@dor.mo.gov. You can order MU plates at any time regardless of your current plate expiration date.

MU Plate Basics

Step 1:
Make a tax-deductible donation of $25 to Maryville University online or by sending your donation form with a check to MU License Plates, 650 Maryville University Drive, St. Louis, MO 63141. Make your check payable to Maryville University.

Note: If you are renewing your plates on a biennial basis, please indicate so on your application.  Please increase your donation to $50 in order to cover both years of your vehicle registration.

Step 2:
After you submit your application, the University will send you two documents: 1) a personalized plate application and 2) an “emblem use authorization” form. The emblem use authorization form is proof that you contributed to MU, and will be required when you submit your plate application.

Step 3:
If you want an MU plate, you must complete a personalized plate application. MU plates allow six spaces for your personalized message. If you do not want a personalized message, please write “issue random digits or letters” on your form. You will receive a randomly produced MU plate. All MU plates are considered to be personalized plates and require a $15 personalization fee.

Step 4:
Take your application, emblem use authorization form, and $15 personalized plate fee to your local license bureau, or mail your application, emblem use authorization form, and check for $15 to Motor Vehicle Bureau, P.O. Box 100, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0100.

Step 5:
Your plates will be ordered by the Department of Revenue. You will be notified by mail when your plates are available for pick-up at your local license bureau. All questions about processing should be directed to the Department of Revenue via your local license bureau.

Good to Know:
You can order MU license plates at any time regardless of your current license plate expiration date. MU plates expire annually in the month in which they were first purchased. Yearly renewal requires a $25 donation to Maryville University. When renewing, remember to take your current emblem use authorization form, along with other forms required by the Department of Revenue. If you renew on a biennial basis, please be sure to increase your donation to $50 so that you can renew your license plates.

E-mail us with any questions about the MU License Plate program.