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A Maryville University degree pays dividends over a lifetime.

A college degree makes sense for adult students. In a July 2012 study, the Brookings Institution reported that on average an undergraduate degree returns twice as much as a stock market investment. Researchers determined that a bachelor’s degree returns 15.2 percent annually over time compared to an average of 6.8 percent return for a stock investment held since the 1950s.College graduates also earn more. U.S. Census Bureau figures for 2009 show the annual median income for those with a high school diploma was $39,657 compared to $75,518 for those with a bachelor’s degree. Average median income was $91,660 in 2009 for those who held a master’s degree.

Economic development groups and Chambers of Commerce in the greater St. Louis area and other major cities across the nation are encouraging adults of all ages to finish college degrees. A strong, educated workforce boosts local economies and attracts high-tech companies – companies that often expand and creating new jobs for local economies.

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