Online Course Evaluation

OnLine course Evaluation (OLE) is conducted for all courses each semester to provide important and reliable data used to derive information to evaluate educational effectiveness at Maryville University.  OLE is one of the tools for students to give feedback on the different areas of instruction. Instructors use the evaluation results  to improve teaching which includes content revision, course and curricular development, teaching strategies modification, and assessment and evaluation methods.

Administration and General Procedures

  1. Course Creation and Maintenance
    The general course upload in CourseEval will take place at least a week before the survey period. This provides the most current data of student registration and faculty course assignment from Colleague. The course uploads are processed in batches. Cross-listed courses are combined as one section with the primary courses listed in the course code and section in CourseEval.

  2. During each semester, online course evaluation surveys are launched following the guidelines below.

    1. For 8-week courses, the survey period will start one (1) calendar week before the group course end dates.  Sixteen-week courses will start 2 calendar weeks before the group course end dates. As a general rule, course evaluation will close a day at midnight before grades are due.
    2. The survey results will be released to faculty members at least 1-calendar week after grades are due. This will give enough time for faculty to submit the final grades before the results are made available for review.
    3. Survey (partial) progress results are available to the deans, program directors, and departmental course administrators while surveys are active.
    4. Faculty will have access to the progress of the course evaluation containing information on the participation rate of the class. Faculty are encouraged to follow up with their students to complete the survey to increase class participation.
    5. Email will be sent to participants/students and faculty when surveys are launched via CourseEval. Periodic emails will be sent to participants and/or faculty during the duration of the survey via CourseEval.
    6. The deans will be provided with periodic updates on the general progress of the online course evaluation.
  3. Summary reports of the evaluation results are provided to the deans and program directors at the end of each survey. Deans and program directors have access to the results and progress of the online course evaluation.
    1. Login Information for CourseEval department administrators, deans, faculty, and students. Use Maryville username and password to login at .