Teaching and Learning Colleagues: Members

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Teaching and Learning Colleagues: Members

All Teaching Learning Colleagues are happy to discuss the benefits of peer observations and conversations focused on student learning in an active learning ecosystem.

CONTACT: Mike Kiener at mkiener@maryville.edu or Mary Ellen Finch at mfinch@maryville.edu to get in touch with a TLC member!


  • Chammie Austin, CAS
  • Sandy Ross, WCHP
  • Michelle Hunter, SOE
  • Cathy Bear, SOE
  • Karen Tabak, SSOB
  • Rita Wunderlich, WCHP
  • Dan Rocchio, SOE
  • Stacy Donovan, CAS
  • Olaide Oluwole-Sangoseni, WCHP
  • Karla Larson, WCHP
  • Ashlyn Cunningham, WCHP
  • Mary Ellen Finch, CTL
  • Michael Kiener, WCHP
  • Kyra Krakos, CAS
  • Bonnie Stegman, WCHP
  • Chuck Gulas, WCHP

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