Maryville Kicks Cancer

3rd Annual MKC

9 am Saturday, April 11th, 2015
Donius University Center (DUC)

Maryville Kicks Cancer is a 5k/1 mile fun run or walk event held each spring at Maryville University to raise money for cancer research. Bring family and friends for an amazing day of Kicking Cancer!

Proceeds are donated to the Siteman Cancer Center and Kids Rock Cancer.

The event includes a 5k race, 1-mile fun run/walk, free food, raffle, survivor recognition, memorial ceremony and other activities.

Memorial Head Shaving

kbShaving my head was not my idea. Late last school year, I was asking friends and acquaintances about what they would think if I cut my hair short. Hannah Foster’s (the memorial head shaving candidate in 2013) comment to me was “Why don’t you shave it for Maryville Kicks Cancer?” At first, I laughed. I laughed because what an absurd idea to shave my head! My scalp would look so weird. Right? All too quickly, my mind became filled with warm memories of my Aunt Mary who had died of Breast Cancer in January of 2013. She was so beautiful and strong as she collected scarves and hats for her hairless head. I thought of the year that my dad got diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It’s now been 5 years since, but, the memory still haunts me as a very low time in my family’s life. An amazing opportunity has fallen in my lap and I’m going to uncomfortably say no because I think my scalp will look weird? I’ve always thought of myself as an advocate and supporter of redefining beauty, strength, and gender. Krissy, you are better than this. So I said yes. I said yes for Mary Bryde Stevermer, for Carrie Hudson, for Donna Moehler, for Phil Bryde, for George Bryde, for Mary Anne Hoecker because starting chemotherapy feels like the end. When the hair starts to fall, the feelings of weakness and vulnerabilit  seep in. I’ve decided to happily and proudly shave my head to prove that despite the loss of hair, breast(s), or limb, you are still one beautiful human.

– Krissy B.

Balloon Release

Balloons can be decorated at the event and will be released during the ceremony in loving memory of anyone who has passed away, is battling cancer, or is a survivor.


For more information, contact Jessica Burns, student coordinator, 618.830.6374 or by email at jburns1@live.maryville.edu or Kathy Quinn, Associate Dean of Students, 314.529.9476 or by email at kquinn@maryville.edu.