Weather/Emergency Schedule – Closed

University Status for Monday, February 16, 2015

Weather/Emergency Schedule is in effect.

The University is now closed.

ALL classes and campus activities meeting from now until 8 a.m. February 17, 2015 are cancelled.

(All online classes meet on regular schedule.)

Nursing Clinicals: Contact your instructor

Library: Closed.

Status of Athletics Competitions: Visit Website (

Walker Scottish Rite Clinic: Individuals impacted by weather related clinic closings will be contacted directly. Families are also encouraged to refer to the Clinic Facebook page and KSDK to determine if a particular Clinic site is closed due to the weather.

During inclement conditions and emergencies, information will be sent to students, faculty and staff via email and through the Saints Alert system.

In addition, announcements will be sent to the stations listed below.  They may announce them on air or online.

Radio Stations:
KMOX (1120) AM

Television Stations:
KTVI FOX (2), KMOV (4), KSDK (5)

Please check the website periodically for possible updates on the schedule for tomorrow.

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