Center for Sustainability – Green Champions

It is the Center’s goal that one day sustainability will be an integral element of campus life. We applaud the effort everybody contributes when they adopt “green” practices into their daily routine. These are our partners who lead by example and serve a vital part in achieving our goal. It is when an individual not only abides by these practices but paves the way for them that they become Green Champions.

Feeding the Birds with Gabe Colbeck

Assistant Dean of Arts and Science
Thanks to Gabe, we currently have 3 bird feeders and 35 bird houses set up on Maryville’s campus. The feeders provide an interesting aesthetic experience for everyone who walks or drives by. He hopes to spark additional interest in birds and biology, as well as provide research experiences for undergraduates. Filling the feeders only with black-oil sunflower seeds is intended to maximize use by native species. Eleven species have been spotted so far, including Eurasian Tree Sparrows and hybrids between black-cap and Carolina chickadees (both are birds only found in this area). Click here to read more about Gabe’s work on campus.

Warrior Woman with Pam Culliton

>Director of Health and Wellness
If you’ve eaten lunch in Gander chances are you’ve seen Nurse Pam chasing someone down, reminding them of Maryville’s commitment to recycling. She appreciates all the work being done to make Maryville a sustainable environment and hopes it’s a value our community will embrace.
I hope we all work together to make a better, cleaner environment, for our future generations: our children and even their children.