Multicultural Programs

The mission of the Office of Multicultural Programs is to encourage and guide individuals of every race, gender, and unique background through their higher education. Students involved with the Office of Multicultural Programs transition from high school to college and on to graduation with meaningful cultural experiences.

This is accomplished through campus programs and workshops that engage students on a critical and substantial level.

To mold these multicultural students into exceptional young professionals we have adopted the Tri-Sector Model of Cultural Practice: 

  • Cultural Education
    Cultural education programs allow students to acquire and experience critical knowledge needed to fully understand and focus on the history, practices, and infrastructure of various cultures. Lectures, panels, and brown bag discussions have been typical offerings.
  • Cultural Engagement
    These social programs typically include performances, entertainment, and socials. Festivals, multi-ethnic luncheons, and performance troupes are examples of some past cultural engagement programs.
  • Cultural Development
    These programs address holistic development of students, with particular attention to how culture affects leadership, professional development, and wellness. They also make important contributions to student understanding, connectedness, and ethos toward a variety of personal cultures and communities.

In addition to providing various cultural programming opportunities on campus, the Office of Multicultural Programs links students to many more programs that emphasize peer mentorship and the benefits of creating strong connections to the Maryville University campus and community. Examples include: Nia Kuumba (Center of Spirituality for African/African American Women), Sista 2 Sista, peer mentoring programs, Multicultural Scholars Program and various cultural events in St. Louis throughout the year.